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 We give your old concrete new life!                                               Proudly serving Nevada county and  surrounding areas


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Revision Custom Concrete Coatings has been a premier leader in concrete coatings and concrete restoration in Nevada County. Revision Custom Concrete Coatings offers decorative flooring solutions for all concrete surfaces — from old, cracked and damaged concrete to newly laid “green” concrete seeking extra protection. . We are concrete restoration specialists who can repair and improve all types of existing concrete. In addition, we use select equipment and materials to offer rapid turn-around times, letting you get back to business  in no time. 

We believe that using only the highest quality, longest-lasting products is very important. At the same time, meeting our customers needs and desires within their budget. We provide a large variety of quality surface coatings, a wide range of base colors and stains, and customizable flakes and granule combinations that guarantee we can create the space you want. 

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Paver installation 

Decorative precast concrete is a superior option for creating practical accents to your architectural or landscape design. Through the use of the incredible variety of precast concrete products, you can incorporate custom fixtures including planters, tables, columns, chairs, light poles, water fountains and more into your design that will last a lifetime. The variety of precast concrete pavers allow for a durable and incredibly decorative hardscape for your unique design. Permeable pavers have become incredibly popular, blending the decorative and high-end finish of decorative precast pavers with the eco-friendly benefits of stormwater runoff control. Nearly any paver or amenity you can dream of, decorative precast concrete can create to add just the right touch to your project.

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Epoxy Flake Flooring systems

Decorative flake floor coatings come in a variety of colors and flake sizes, making them a very adaptable and personalized epoxy flooring alternative.  Decorative flakes in a spectrum of natural mineral hues can be utilized to mimic the look of terrazzo floors. Natural mica flakes in floor coatings can give a stunning, elegant appearance similar to granite flooring without the exorbitant installation and maintenance expenses. By employing the colors of a mascot, emblem, or sports team brightly colored flakes may create a dynamic, contemporary image or boost the spirit. Alternatively, make a visual statement by using numerous colours and a pattern of your choice. The possibilities are limitless!

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Metallic Epoxy Flooring

A metallic epoxy finish is a great way to modernise any residential, commercial or retail space. With its clean, artistic and unique appearance, it is the perfect choice for adding wow factor that leaves a legacy.

What is important to note, is that with metallic epoxy flooring in particular, is that professional installation is essential.  It’s not a finish to be attempted by a DIY enthusiast.  Professionally trained installers know how to prepare the surfaces, and manage conditions and materials properly to eliminate the risk of the finish being ruined by amine blushing, wrinkles or premature cracking and aging.

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Concrete Staining and Sealing

Stained concrete floors offer a unique combination of beauty, durability, and low maintenance, making them an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a stylish and long-lasting flooring option. With an array of colors and design possibilities, stained concrete floors can transform any space into a visually stunning and inviting environment. Remember to follow proper care and maintenance procedures to ensure the longevity of your stained concrete floors. If you encounter any issues or require extensive repairs, consulting a professional is always recommended.

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Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete flooring is thought to be the most efficient solution for both industrial and residential applications. Not only is it durable and stain-resistant, but also very appealing to the eye because of its light-reflective properties. And today, it is one of the most preferred flooring options partly due to its aesthetics, and partly due to the high advantages polished concrete offers. 

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Concrete Overlays

Is your concrete damaged? Concrete overlays are a quick and easy way to restore your concrete and give it new life, all while transforming it into a surface that is all you. There’s no need to rip up your floor and have new concrete poured and go through that entire process. Having a concrete overlay applied over your concrete will instantly restore it and take it to the next level.


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